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Why the Wichita Wurlitzer? - A Unique Live Entertainment Experience

First, consider the immense physicality of the Wurlitzer. A console with four keyboards, 366 stops (triggering different sounds) and 2,700 pipes, ranging from six inches to 32 feet—all weighing in at a staggering 66,000 pounds. Originally called a “unit-orchestra,” the instrument was designed to mimic the sound of a 100-piece orchestra at the command of a single player. The result of this massive edifice is a sound of myriad colors and astonishing magnitude, so powerful that you feel the organ’s sonic waves pulse through your bones. And at a time when people can watch or listen to virtually anything ever recorded at the click of a button without leaving their chair, the Wichita Wurlitzer offers something different, something unique, an experience that cannot be found elsewhere or reproduced in any other way. The Wurlitzer must be heard, live and in-person.

What fans are saying:

“It is a thrilling experience to hear this amazing instrument.”

“It sounds like nothing else you have ever heard . . . you can feel the music!”

“This was a truly enjoyable experience. I wasn't quite sure what to expect and I was blown away. I spent the night in awe of the talent and constantly wanted to get up and dance or join in singing.”

“It was amazing to hear all the wonderful sounds the instrument could make.”

“My husband said over and over on the way home, ‘I am so glad we went.’"

“I personally came away from the event with a much more in-tuned and spiritual

feeling than I have experienced with many recent church services!!”

“This was a world-class performance! I enjoyed every minute of it; especially

thankful for the large screens showing up close and personal Brett's hands and

feet! His playing is close to genius--probably is. . . and his friends are wonderful too.”

“Made me feel alive and excited.”

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