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President and Tonal Director of Schoenstein & Co., Organ Builders, established in 1877.

Past President & Chief Executive, American Theatre Organ Society

Originally published as part of the jacket notes for “The Best of Times” featuring Lyn Larsen.

People often ask: What is the Wichita Wurlitzer; and, what is the significance of the instrument and comparisons with other instruments?

The Wichita Wurlitzer history begins in 1964 when the instrument was removed from the New York Paramount theatre.

Premiere program for Saturday, December 9, 1972.  Donors recognized that gave money to buy and bring the Wurlitzer to Wichita.  Also, details of the Wichita restoration and installation.

Program used for Wichita Wurlitzer's tenth season.  Includes stories from New York and details from the first ten seasons in Wichita.

Deep beneath San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza, in a windowless bunker called Brooks Hall, a 40-ton pipe organ gathers dust.  An example of a city owned instrument.

Wolverhampton's historic and 'priceless' organ was scrapped and taken to a landfill site.

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