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  • “It is a thrilling experience to hear this amazing instrument.”
  • “It sounds like nothing else you have ever heard . . . you can feel the music!”
  • “This was a truly enjoyable experience. I wasn't quite sure what to expect and I was blown away.I spent the night in awe of the talent and constantly wanted to get up and dance or join in singing.”
  • “It was amazing to hear all the wonderful sounds the instrument could make.”
  • "Brought 3 friends and they really enjoyed it too. They didn't know about our fabulous Wurlitzer before this evening."
  • “My husband said over and over on the way home, ‘I am so glad we went.’"
  • “I personally came away from the event with a much more in-tuned and spiritual feeling than I have experienced with many recent church services!!”
  • “This was a world-class performance! I enjoyed every minute of it; especially thankful for the large screens showing up close and personal Brett's hands and feet! His playing is close to genius--probably is. . . and his friends are wonderful too.”
  • “Made me feel alive and excited.”
  • “Yes! It was a great evening. I took my nine year old son and we both really enjoyed the film and the music.”
  • “I wish there had been a second showing so I could have brought people to it. I had never been before. It was AMAZING!”
  • "I was blown away by the amount of talent on the stage for the money we paid! ARISE was full of beautiful voices and color! Brett was amazing at the keyboard! And the extra bonus of JC Combs was awesome! I brought a friend and we had a wonderful evening and spent time talking with the musicians after. Thank you!"
  • "This instrument needs to be shared as often as possible.  It is such as asset to our community that more people need to know about!”
  • "We had NO idea this even existed in Wichita and how social it was. We brought our kids and they LOVED IT.  Maybe to encourage a younger audience who hasn’t had a Wichita Wurlitzer experience have a night dedicated to playing the music that kids love...Disney night?!?!? Our kids were blown away by all the (literally) bells and whistles!
  • "The city of Wichita is very lucky to have such world class musical powerhouse. Let’s hope the community sees the value of spending a few pennies to keep it there! Long live Mother Wurlitzer! " - Mark Herman, March 23, 2018
  • "Another of Wichita's well kept secrets, must hear in person!" - David Marshall
  • "It was a great experience to hear the big Wurlitzer with over 2000 pipes and instruments play.  I am surprised that I have not heard of this before now." - Bud Hummel
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