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Brett Valliant Leaving Wichita

Brett Valliant, Wichita Wurlitzer’s Artist-in-Residence is moving to Arizona. A native Wichitan, Brett has held positions with Wichita Wurlitzer and First United Methodist church for more than 20 years.

Beginning January 1, Brett will take over as the resident artist at Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa, Arizona. Brett has been one of the staff artists at Organ Stop Pizza for several years, playing the world’s largest Wurlitzer on a weekly basis. Brett will also continue his concert career including his scheduled shows on the Wichita Wurlitzer in March and May 2020. Brett’s concert venues range from Australia to Russia.

During the 2018 show, Broadway and Hollywood in Wichita, Brett performed Show Themes, a medley including music from several recent shows. Brett is a remarkable artist with the ability to perform an expansive repertoire. His musical interpretations engage the listener in the music's excitement and emotions. Play the YouTube videos featuring Brett at the Wichita Wurlitzer and feel the the music.

Watch for Brett’s return engagements during Spring 2020. Brett will also be featured in future shows.

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