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Why the Wichita Wurlitzer? - 4 of 5 - A Proud Part of Wichita’s History

The Wichita Wurlitzer has fans across the country and around the world, from the United Kingdom to Sweden, and from Australia to South Africa. They appreciate the history, significance and sonic wonder of this mighty instrument, which builder Farny Wurlitzer called “our masterpiece.” Closer to home, we welcome audience members hailing from Oklahoma City, Kansas City and Southwestern Kansas.

Our audience is proud of a musical legacy that has become a distinctive voice in the history of Wichita:

“Lifelong Wichita resident and this has to be one of the best-kept secrets of Wichita. It was an outstanding evening, and one of the best events my wife and I have attended. Pictures and stories about the Wichita Wurlitzer need to be plastered all over town, much like is being done with the Wichita Flag.”

“It is an awesome instrument and we should be proud it is in Wichita, USA!”

“This instrument needs to be shared as often as possible. It is such as asset to our community that more people need to know about!”

“Wonderful concert. Fun, enjoyable and entertaining. Top notch talent. Wichita is very lucky to have artists of this level living here.”

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