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Why the Wichita Wurlitzer? - 3 of 5 - Appeals to all Ages

Far from a dusty relic of history, the Wurlitzer’s appeal is as fresh as its first performance and spans every generation. For older audiences, the organ conjures fond memories of a bygone era. For younger listeners, the Wurlitzer introduces a delightful world of sound they may never have realized was even possible:

“I brought my 12-year-old daughter, who is a Music Theatre performer and fanatic, and she was a mesmerized as I was.”

“It was a great evening. I took my nine-year old son and we both really enjoyed the film [Safety Last, starring Harold Lloyd] and the music [organist Clark Wilson].”

“Hope to be able to bring grandkids and other friends when I can. They need to experience this wonderful instrument.”

“I think this would be a great event for school aged kids. I have a fifteen-member scout troop and their families that I think would enjoy the history and the sounds of the Wurlitzer.”

“I wished I had known how good it was before, I would have brought my grandson.”

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