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The debut recording of Brett Valliant.

"This recording is a return to lyric pieces performed on what might arguably be considered the most lyrical of instruments save the human voice. The musical selections here are all treated as marvelous musical miniatures, much in the same vein as the legendary Jesse Crawford created his gem-like creations in melody, harmony, rhythm and phrasing.
"Not every piece is in a languorous mood to be sure, but the essentially lyrical, melodious nature of the Wurlitzer organ is always serenely preserved. Never is one's attention wrenched away from the music and drawn to some odd or peculiar sound. Rather, the vast tonal palette is used to paint an aural presentation of each musical miniature. Relax and truly enjoy being carried away by the musical scenes contained in 'Lyric Wurlitzer.'

"The organ used in this recording is the Little River Studio Miller Theatre Wurlitzer enlarged from the original 11 ranks to 19. It is controlled by a 3 manual, 212-stop console with Uniflex relay. Installation is in the manner of Wurlitzer studio organs: shutters at pipe height, shallow, tight chambers, direct tonal egress to the room and careful voicing, regulation and balancing to create a volume and weight of tone appropriate to a studio-size room." - Michael C. Coup

Lyric Wurlitzer

  • Dream a Little Dream

    I Hear a Rhapsody


    Moonlight and Roses

    Lets Put Out the Lights

    Garden in the Rain

    Chapel in the Moonlight

    More Than You Know

    Love Is on the Air Tonight

    Lullaby of the Leaves

    When I Fall in Love

    Orchids in the Moonlight

    Singin' in the Rain

    "Sunset Boulevard" Medley

    We'll Meet Again

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